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Cloud Data Center

Website hosting and colocation solutions

When you are searching for the right fit for your business, think of a provider that has the technology in place for your needs today, as well as years from now. A business website starts small, then adds shopping capabilities, a blog, and video streaming. As traffic grows, so does the site. You may be thinking of a hosting plan today; however, down the road you may need a cluster of servers working together to keep up with the demand. Maintenance One has the technology in place to meet the needs of business. Let's work on a solution for you.

Our data center provides solutions for business growth

Process Improvement

Website Hosting

Your business needs a secure, reliable platform to showcase what you offer. Attract new clients with a always on website. Start with a base website and add pages as your business grows. Let our sales team know your needs and we will match you with a server to make your vision a reality.

Team Collaboration

App Hosting

Your App needs bandwidth, security, and a server that will keep up with the demand. We offer several configurations of servers to support Apps that are designed with five-starts in mind. Our sales team will work with you to save you money while providing the elements that you need.

Operating Expenses

Server Colocation

For those that own their server or would like to lease a server from Maintenance One, we have you covered. Our sales team is here to support your needs. Let us know what your requirements are and we will provide you with a quote.


Custom Stack Servers

Maintenance One is here to provide you with the technology that you need from a single custom server to a rack comprised of a web server, mail server, database server, back-up server, and more. What need are you looking to solve? Our team is here to help you.


Data Storage

Our cloud data solutions will help you securely store from a gigabyte to multiple terabytes. Maintenance One's data storage solutions help photographers, authors, and business owners with solutions that hold data archives, living documents, photographs and more. Our sales team will identify a cost-effective solution for you.


Disaster Recovery

Are you prepared for a situation which results in data loss? What plan do you have in place? Maintenance One offers full disaster recovery services and the technology that pairs your data to an off-site backup. Our sales team will work with you to provide the right level of service for your business.

" Right after a merger our labor expenses skyrocketed. With Maintenance One we upgraded our timekeeping by adding reporting tools that highlighted the source of our waste.Mike, CEO, ClearCut, Inc.
" We contacted Maintenance One to help us streamline our business process. Once they evaluated our processes, they implemented new process improvements where we realized over 20 percent increase in profits." Joe, CEO, MDI Avacado, LTD.
" Our inside sales team was not hitting their numbers. Maintenance One helped us better communicate with our prospects. Now we close more deals." Art, CEO, J&A Software, Inc.
" Our marketing needed help. Maintenance One was able to find trends in our sales leads which translated into higher sales." Chuck, CEO, Talley Sign Company